Looking for a fun science experiment for the kids? See if does lead float in water! All you need is a piece of lead and a container of water. Try different sizes and shapes of lead to see if that affects the outcome. Have the kids make predictions before starting the experiment. Did their predictions match the results?

1. Does lead float in water?

Yes, lead floats in water.

2. How dense is lead?

Lead is extremely dense. It is one of the heaviest metals. A cubic foot of lead weighs over 700 pounds.

3. What is the specific gravity of lead?

The specific gravity of lead is 11.34.

4. Will lead sink or float in water?

It depends on the density of the lead. If the lead is more dense than the water, it will sink. If the lead is less dense than the water, it will float.

5. How much lead will sink in water?

Lead is a heavy metal and will sink in water. The amount of lead that will sink in water will depend on the size and shape of the lead object and the amount of water it is submerged in.

6. What is the density of lead?

The density of lead is 11.34 g/cm3.

7. Can lead float on water?

Yes, lead can float on water. This is because lead is denser than water.

8. How much lead can float on water?

The amount of lead that can float on water is dependent on the density of the lead and the density of the water. The lead will float if the density of the lead is less than the density of the water.

9. What is the buoyancy of lead?

The buoyancy of lead is amazing! It is so dense that it is able to sink in water, yet it is also very malleable and can be used to create all sorts of things.

10. How much does lead weigh per cubic inch?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the weight of lead can vary depending on the purity and density of the metal. However, a rough estimate would put the weight of lead at around 700-800 pounds per cubic inch.

11. What is the melting point of lead?

The melting point of lead is 327.5 degrees Celsius.

12. What is the boiling point of lead?

The boiling point of lead is 1,749 degrees Celsius.

13. What is the atomic weight of lead?

The atomic weight of lead is 207.2.

14. What is the atomic number of lead?

The atomic number of lead is 82.

15. What is the chemical symbol for lead?

The chemical symbol for lead is Pb.

16. What is the density of lead in g/cm3?

11.34 g/cm3


No, lead does not float in water.

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