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                                                              HOW to SIGN-UP TO RIDE

Membership in  ACT Riders Club is required and rides are free. No qualifying to be a member, no required meetings or work parties, no politics.
First pick the membership you want and add to cart. To go on a ride, choose the ride(s) you want and add to cart.
PayPal accepts major credit cards so you do not need a PayPal account   
Day Membership
Trial Membership
Premier Membership

                                                                 MEMBERSHIP  OPTIONS and INFORMATION

Unlimited Saturday 1-day rides, free all year.  Does not apply to destination rides. 

Good for one 2-day ride or any 2 days of riding   PLUS a free roll chart/GPS package for a 1-day ride of your choice   

Free rides all year.  Free T-shirt.  Guaranteed entry but advance reservation is required.  Does not include meals or other rider expenses


Membership is required to sign-up for a ride. You don't have to sign up for a ride at the same time you buy a membership.
When you are ready to ride, come back here and add to cart the ride(s) you want.  Rides with a higher reservation fee include the cost of your
expenses like meals, gas, gear truck, etc that ACT pays for.  The
reservation fee is not payment for a ride.

                All RIDE INFO such as lodging, locations, times, gas, etc are sent only AFTER we receive your ride reservation.

Wildside Ride: Click on arrow in drop down box for different options, carefully choose one.  See Calendar for complete ride and lodging details.
The ranch has a daily guest fee which is included in the cost of the cabin

Aug 5 & 6 Border Ride
Select the day(s) you will be there
Aug 26 & 27 Summit Ride
Ride Days
Sept 16 & 17 Wildside Ride
Oct 28 & 29 Bonanza Ride
Ride Days

Oct 7/8 Rumble Ride, and Nov 11/12 Fall Ride coming soon

ACT membership  now or in the past is required..
Carson Ride
Choose Route
Mendocino Ride
Choose Route
Railtime Ride
Choose Route
Fairplay Ride
Choose Route

All routes are 75 miles or less between gas.  Charts are sent by regular mail.  Allow at least 3 days shipping.  Order includes roll charts, route map, start direction, lodging & parking information and GPS by e-mail when available.

Address: ACT Rides, 711 South Carson St, Suite 4, Carson City, NV 89701
Phone:    775-887-4007