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MAY 4 & 5                                CARSON RIDE
2 different 1-day rides for dual sport OR non-plated dirt bikes both days. Start/finish each day from the same Casino Hotel. This is spring high desert trail riding thru the Pine Nut Mts.and into wild, historic Virginia City.  Great stuff, gorgeous snow capped Sierra mountain scenery.
More single track than most of our other rides.

JUNE 1 & 2                                  RAILTIME RIDE
2 different 1-day rides for dual sport OR non-plated dirt bikes.   Dual sport loops start/finish each day at mountain lodge.  Both days have lots of great fun trails thru Stanislaus USFS for the  best combination of legal deep woods trailriding, creek xings, and scenic roads thru Calaveras County foothills, Arnold trails, and historic Main St., Murphys.  2,000 to 6,000 feet elevartons.  Sign-up cost includes BBQ dinner.

JULY  12, 13,
& 14                   BORDER RIDE 
Ride 3 days OR 2 days or just one.   Separate & different 1-day loops each day. Awesome high Sierra springtime scenery all day. Lots of fun forest trails from Lake Tahoe to high above Reno. One of our favorite rides.  Good food and lodging, or RV park, or rooms at casino hotel.   

AUG 17 & 18                            BLUE LAKES  RIDE
2-day  ride starting at Angels Camp winery back roads to Arnold trails to Bear Valley 4x4 trails, Lake Alpine,  9,000ft Ebbetts Pass past beautiful Blue Lakes to Kirkwood and overnight lodging.  Return over Silver Lake trails to Bear River Resort and finish thru Wilseyville trails.   

SEPT 14 & 15                            WILDSIDE RIDE
2 different loops start/finish each day from  creekside forest camping flat. Lots of great, lightly used Wilseyville type trails thru Shasta  Nat'l Forest near Redding 4 to 5,000 feet. Group dinner at rustic bar and grill.

OCT 4, 5 & 6                            BONANZA RIDE
This is a 3-day ride Friday thru Sunday, or you can ride Friday/Saturday only with the 3-day riders on the same route.  Either way  enjoy a great combination of  routes from  favorite "Ivan rides". Awesome scenery  each day across a huge diverse area of Northern California into Nevada at 5 to 9,000 feet. From Kirkwood ski resort to Virginia City, where you'll step back in time in this historic tourist town of Bonanza TV fame. Then ride part of  V.C. x-country Grand Prix course and back roads to Yerington big hills, razor back ridge trails, and sandy barrel-ride gullies of Wilson Canyon to Sweetwater. Lots of fun desert single track winding thru Pine Nut Mtn forests, even an abandoned ghost town. High Sierra colorful aspen and pine forest trails, lakes, meadows, creek crossings, rocks, granite, but an overall great balance of paved and dirt roads, trails and rugged 4x4 routes each day. You'll ride sandy granite single track from South Shore Tahoe up to 8,000 feet overlooking all of Lake Tahoe. We'll stay at a lakeside casino lodge, hotel/motels. 3 days of great riding, fun entertainment. Giveaways at dinner

This ride is designed for average experienced dual sport trailriders with real dual sport bikes. It is not for ADVs. It has some challenging stuff but nothing killer and has bypass options with easier, shorter ways for big singles, less experienced riders or anyone. It's all on the same GPS download and roll chart each rider gets for each day. Full route averages 120 miles per day, but Sunday has the option to ride just a half day.

Limited to 75 riders

Ride is free; your reservation sign-up cost is not payment for the ride. It is your advance payment for these amenities that ACT pays for you:  Your share of our group buffet dinner, lunches, T-shirt, overnight bag transport, 3-days parking, GPS track, unique ACT roll charts, etc. 

OCT 19 & 20                           GREENHORN RIDE
Unlike our 2017 ride, this ride is 2 completely different 1-day rides that start/finish each day in Colfax, with more of the trails we used on the Chalk Bluff, Hiway 20 into Nevada City side. Fun easy single track, lots of it.  Sunday has the Foresthill trails from Colfax

More details about lodging, meeting times, routes, locations, etc for each ride are available only to members after you sign-up.
Everything on this page is subject to change at any time

   Email:    ACT Rides, 711 South Carson St, Suite 4, Carson City,  NV 89701   

OTHER RIDES:   In case you can't wait till May 4/5 for our first ride, below is the link to the San Andreas 300 dual sport on April 12-14

This ride starts in the So Cal Pozos OHV area. 2 of our riders rode it last year and really liked it.