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AUGUST 5/6                         BORDER RIDE
Snow has receded sooner than expected and its still spring in the High Sierras for .different 1-day routes each day that start/finish at Nevada hotel casino resort and lakeside campground.  Lots of fun  and challenging trails around the lakes and thru the forest surrounding Sierraville  and high above Reno and North Shore Lake Tahoe. Very scenic, very popular ride. Good food, fun, riding, rooms or campground.
Special deal for everyone who bought a 2017 Trial or Day membership

AUGUST 26/27                      SUMMIT  RIDE
A new ride combining some of the best parts of our Big Sky, Donner, and Border rides. Starting from South Shore  Tahoe to 9,000 foot Genoa Peak, North Tahoe and Truckee trails to the sandy granite forests trails and spectacular views high above Reno/Boomtown. Private group buffet dinner  included with ride. Return over 9,000 ft peaks above Tahoe around Emerald Bay. Awesome scenery all day both days and lots of High-Sierra trails. An amazing ride

SEPTEMBER 16/17              WILDSIDE RIDE
New ride, new area, new trails. 2-day separate 1-day loops that start/finish from the same location each day in the northern Coast Range mountains.  Many great, lightly used trails Shasta Nat'l Forest out of Hayfork.  Fantastic, scenic riding area. Undeveloped creekside camping at the start is free. Or be our guest at our recreation ranch just a half hour from the start. Stay in a private cabin,  enjoy breakfast and dinner with us, pool, etc, all  for a very low, all-in-one price, including gas and lunch on the route Sunday. It is optional, but all included in your sign-up cost if that's the option you choose

OCTOBER 7/8                       RUMBLE in the JUNGLE
A 2-day destination dual sport trailride winding thru Northern California's scenic Feather River area of sandy granite jungle forests. From Oroville foothill trails, to the High Lakes area, to Bucks Lake area.. Some of the best, lightly ridden unique trails in California. Technical stuff if you want it.

OCTOBER  28/29                   BONANZA RIDE
This is a great, proven and very popular ACT ride with feedback like this: " This was my first ACT ride and I was not quite sure what to expect, WOW did you exceed my expectations, that was amazing." Lots of fun single track from Gardnerville to Wilson Canyon hillclimbs and ridge top trails.  Rooms at lakeside Topaz Lodge Casino. Great group buffet dinner. Wake up Sunday to a whole new world of riding on Monitor Pass Aspen forest trails, 22 creek xings, meadows, rocks, and huge views at 9,000ft. Very little pavement both days but optional easy bypasses make it a ride any average rider can do.  A fun weekend vacation of entertainment and riding.

NOVEMBER  11/12              FALL RIDE  TBA


If you have never been on an ACT ride before, first read the website FAQ Page. ACT rides are uniquely different than other rides and we want to help make sure this is what you are really looking for before you sign-up.  Roll charts and maps are free at the ride for members to keep and use anytime. Personal trip expenses on the ride such as lodging, food, parking, gas, truck services, etc are not free. When those expenses must be paid in advance for the whole group, the cost is averaged out per rider and pre-payment required when signing up for a ride, but it is not payment for the ride. Specific ride details like lodging, start times, locations, etc are available only to ACT members, and sent after signing up.                       

              Rides are not canceled because of weather unless no one can ride. Everything on this page is subject to change at any time

Email ACT at with any questionss
Address: ACT Rides, 711 South Carson St, Suite 4, Carson City,  NV 89701   Phone: 775-887-4007