Detailed ride information such as locations,  directions, lodging, etc, is available only to ACT members. Please send inquiries to: actrides@gmail.com.



Membership in our ACT Riders Club is required to sign-up and to ride with us. We  are always open to new members, just sign-up and you’re in. There are no forms, no qualifying, no required meetings, no work parties, no politics. We meet to ride, not work. Most motorcycle clubs are still  modeled after a mostly dysfunctional outdated ritual, so we have a unique membership that best suits our needs, like liability and permit issues, and rider connectivity.


MEMBER BENEFITS:. Our rides are unique and appeal to different interests than most of today’s typical dual sport road rides of today. So when it comes to riding, our club members are like-minded, active, mostly experienced  riders looking for the fun, quality and uniqueness of legendary Ivan rides. You are part of that as a member. Members get free rides and roll charts, maps and GPS track by mail, etc. Members have access to  ride updates, riding tips, and the best knowledge of almost all No.Calif and western Nevada riding areas. Thru the club we all contribute to maintain riding trails and keeping riding areas open for everyone, but first for the benefit of ACT members, then other participants in this sport.


SIGN-UP: A pre-paid refundable reservation sign-up fee is required for each ride.  On some rides your reservation fee includes your  portion of the costs for any group expenses, as listed on our Sign Up Page. The reservation fee is not payment for a ride.   Roll charts/maps, GPS track (when available) are handed out at each ride to everyone who signed up. They are yours to keep and use anytime for yourself.  ACT roll charts are proprietary, do not copy or share them.


THE RIDES: We prefer riding trails instead of roads. We try to keep pavement miles to a minimum, but due to land closures and the deteriorated condition of most California OHV areas, we use whatever roads are necessary to avoid spending too much time riding busy, whooped out, heavily used, dust pit OHV areas. We can’t answer general questions here about jetting, gearing, tires, how much road,  etc, since we have so many different rides with so many variations in weather, ground conditions, elevations, mileages and types of trails and roads over long distances. We recommend riding a street legal dirt bike with knobby tires for maximum fun, but not for KLRs or heavy, 600cc road-type dual sport-adventure  bikes.  Each rider gets an area map of the whole route. It shows options for an easier short cut, bypass, or complete bail out to the finish. Sign-in fat the ride is usually from 7 or 7:30 to 9:00. Saturday.  You’ll  pick up roll charts, maps, bring  us your overnight gear bag that we will  truck to and from our destination. There is no riders meeting. Instead, we email you in advance  every possible detail you need to know about the ride. This way riders can start the ride individually, anytime.


GAS stops are usually no more than 75 miles apart.  Do not come to a ride without knowing for sure you can go at least 75-miles between gas.


1-DAY/2-DAYS Some rides have 2 different 1-day loops that start/finish from the same location each day, or different locations near each other, so riding just one day and coming back another time for the 2nd day is an option. We usually start at a motel, but  there may be overnight camping, which is all in the ride info sent to riders after they sign-up.  Our best rides are 2-day overnight destinations rides.  On overnight destination rides, we usually get a block of rooms reserved for ACT riders, which is good  only up to 30 days before our arrival date, so riders need to contact our destination place of lodging and make your reservations as early as possible.   ACT does not  reserve or pay for rooms unless so stated.


ROUTE MARKINGS: ACT rides do not use ribbons, arrows, or signs to mark a route.  WE use our unique roll charts, maps and GPS track when available. The USFS has trails and roads marked, which are all on our roll charts. New riders to ACT receive sample roll charts with complete directions and tips on how to use them. Its easy and the most fun way to navigate and know where you are going while riding at a real good pace,. We don’t on following anyone else or waiting for a group behind you to stop and go at every turn and keep everyone together. That’s all pathetic past practices that some still do to “save money”.


NECESSITIES   We ride remote, rugged places so you should carry your own tube (preferably 2 tubes, 21 inch size) tool kit, air, lighter, first aid, enough water, snacks, a good tow strap, etc.  You need to be able to change your own flat tires.


Buddy System   Do not ride alone. Pair up with someone and be mutually responsible for each other, all day. If you do not have a riding partner, contact us in advance and we will try to pair you up with another solo rider, which usually works well.  If you ride alone, it is possible no one will know what happened to you become MIA.  We do not randomly looking for missing riders. There are no checkpoints to keep track of riders, that’s what riding partners do.


Sweepers there may not be official sweepers. Anything can happen to sweepers disabling them from finishing the entire route, and on some rides . So do not come to a ride planning to ride alone. Since anyone can deviate from the roll chart and get back on the route behind the sweepers, never assume a sweeper is behind you.  New riders to ACT rides need to start early with riders behind you! The purpose of our sweepers is to help riders who need a short cut or are lost. Our sweepers are not medics, not there to fix bikes or change flats, and don’t have extra parts/ tubes.. If we have to take a truck out to rescue or assist someone to get out, there is a charge, it is not included with the ride or with membership.


WEATHER   Unless there is a blizzard or major rainstorm, our rides are all-weather rides, which means if 2 or more riders go on the ride regardless of conditions, the ride is not cancelled. Even if conditions are miserable or uncomfortable, if some riders start the ride, there are no refunds.


REFUNDS  There are no refunds for memberships or roll charts, and no free transfers to other ride dates.  If you cancel out of a ride, the roll charts will be mailed to you if requested. Premier members get a limited number of free charts by mail, but no refunds if you can’t do as many rides as you wanted. If ACT cancels a ride and has no alternate date or substitute ride, then the sign-up fee will be refunded if requested, or charts can be mailed. If we re-schedule a ride to an alternate date, or use a substitute ride different than what was listed on the Ride Calendar,  then prepaid expenses will be transferred if you can not attend.


DISCLAIMER   ACT rides are noncompetitive and self-guided. Our dual sport rides are for licensed, insured , street legal, quiet motorcycles with a USFS approved spark arrestor. We do not inspect any motorcycles.  Our rides comply with USFS permit requirements, but there are  no guarantees it is legal or permissible to ride everywhere on the roll chart.  Most USFS and BLM maps are either outdated,  or inaccurate, or ambiguous, and difficult to read even for the rangers, but especially for the general public.  Even in designated riding areas, USFS and BLM route signs are often missing, non-existent, outdated, and confusing. So, it is possible that anyone following an ACT roll chart could get behind closed gates or ride somewhere they are not supposed to be and possibly get cited or yelled at. Every ACT rider is advised of this in advance and takes full responsibility for wherever they are riding and for everything that happens to them, no matter what.  There are no checkpoints, no timekeeping, no prizes or awards. All participants are on their own, riding at their own pace, at their own risk, always with the option to follow the roll chart or go another way.  ACT rides are free, non-competitive, non commercial, rides for members only, limited to under 75 riders. As such, we are legally exempt from USFS and BLM permit requirements according to the Federal Code of Regulations (FCR)   TThere is no medical insurance and no designated medics.


For more information email to  actrides@gmail.com   Address: ACT Rides, 711 South Carson St, Suite 4, Carson City, NV 89701

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