Membership in ACT Riders Club is required to ride. Just sign-up and you’re in. No qualifying, no required meetings, no work parties, no politics.


First pick the ONE membership you want, click on it and “add to cart”. Next go to  “RIDE SIGN-UP” below.


You do not need a PayPal account to sign-up,  major credit cards are accepted.. Rides are free, there is no charge to ride. 


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No refunds within 10 days of ride date for sign-up payments unless we cancel a ride and do not offer an alternate date or substitute ride.


ACT will refund Premier or All-in members $300 if member did not attend any rides by end of year.

 If  Premier or All-in members attend only 1 ride all year, ACT will mail the member free GPS tracks for 2 rides, if requested.


No refund for a Trial membership. If you cancel out of a ride, we’ll give you the roll charts or you can transfer to another ride, one time only.


Email:  Address: ACT Rides, 711 South Carson St, Suite 4, Carson City, NV 89701




Membership is required to sign-up and ride. You do not have to sign up for a ride at the same time you buy a membership. 


When you are ready to ride, choose the ride(s) you want, click on the drop down choice you want, then add to cart. 


The ride sign-up payment is required to make a reservation to go on a ride.   If more than $10,  it is pre-payment for the cost of some of your own personal extras such as food or gas, gear transport, parking, etc as listed, which ACT then pays to vendors.  It is not payment for the ride.

All RIDE INFO such as lodging, locations, times,  etc are SENT AFTER we receive your ride reservation.




DAY Membership:              $70

Good for one free 1-day ride with roll charts, map, and GPS track if available. Includes 2019 membership benefits (see FAQ).


TRIAL Membership       $140

Good for one free 2-day ride with roll charts, map, and GPS track. Includes 2019 membership benefits (see FAQ).


ALL-IN Membership:        $580

Free unlimited rides all year, including rides added later to the first 5-ride calendar. NO sign-up payments. Just email us you are coming. ACT will pay all your stated ride amenities on each ride, so they are free. You can get free roll charts by mail for every ride you miss, if requested.

Trial Membership
Day Membership
All In Membership
Oct 19 & 20 Blue Mtn Ride
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Nov 2 & 3 Wildside Ride-choose one payment option