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DUAL SPORT TRAILRIDES any average good trailrider can do but NOT for ADVs.



JULY 13 & 14                           GREENHORN RIDE

2 different 1-day rides that start/finish in Nevada City. A lot of fun single track thru Tahoe Nat’l Forest.



AUG 16, 17 & 18                      BORDER RIDE

This is 3-days of really fun and challenging high Sierra trails, forest roads and hiway encircling Lake Tahoe and into Nevada.  Awesome, inspiring scenery and riding. Private group buffet dinner at casino hotel Saturday included in sign-up cost.  Each day has an independent route in a different area, which finishes each day at the same place it started. You can ride just 1-day, or Friday/Sat or Sat/Sunday, or all 3 days. Ride it this date or contact us for charts/GPS by mail and ride it whenever . No one has 3-days of dual sport trailriding this good in this area.


SEPT 14 & 15                            WILDSIDE RIDE

We start/finish at an undeveloped free creekside camp with a different 1-day loop each day thru the northern Coast Range Mountains of the feel good, remote Shasta Trinity Nat’l Forest.   This is a recent new expansion of ACT rides, as I continue finding new areas and trails in the wake of losing valuable ground due to the USFS and fire closures. Its especially important now with the long term loss of Penny Pines/Stonyford trail system, which is causing overload in already beaten up trail areas. But this ride is in a huge lightly used, unique area, so its a timely opportunity to enjoy and learn in one weekend what takes years to find and connect. Bar and grill nearby.

Roll charts/GPS tracks will not be available by mail for any members or new ACT riders.  Only at the ride Sept 14/15.


OCT 4, 5 & 6                            BONANZA RIDE

This ride has changed slightly as of July 4th.  It has 3 days of different riding, but not a continuous daily point to point route. On Saturday and Sunday we’ll still ride our popular 2-day route from Carson City  area Pine Nut Mtns over to Yerrington area razor back ridge trails, and sandy barrel-ride gullies, then to Sweetwater and up into the eastern High Sierra forest trails and back.  We have our private buffet dinner at the same casino lodge. It is included with your sign-up payment. The 3rd day ride is an optional 1-day loop, not connected to the Sat/Sunday loop, so you can  ride it any day, anytime, and start/finish from the same casino hotel where we park to start Saturday’s ride and finish at Sunday. Perfect. It goes over Monitor Pass to  Marklieville, Blue Lakes ,Strawberry, Tahoe, and Genoa Peak trails, etc..  Awesome scenery each day across a huge diverse area of Northern California and Nevada at 5 to 9,000 feet.  Lots of fun desert single track all 3 days, an abandoned mining town, high Sierra granite single track, colorful aspen and pine forests trails, lakes, meadows, creeks, big rocks, sand, for an overall well balanced ride. We’ll stay at a lakeside casino lodge and cram in 3 days of great riding and entertainment. This ride is designed for average experienced dual sport trailriders. It has challenging options but nothing killer and has easier, shorter bypass options for less experienced riders or anyone, but not ADVs. It’s all on GPS  and roll chart you get to keep.  Limited to 50 riders.  Ride is free. The sign-up cost is not to ride or for the ride. It is for amenities ACT pays for you, like your buffet dinner, gas, T-SHIRT, gear transport, parking, etc.


OCT 19 & 20                           BLUE MTN RIDE

2 different 1-day rides each day.  Start/finish each day from motel or trailhead campground.  It’s mostly all unique, old school, deep woods trails for good trail riders.  Don’t have to be fast, that doesn’t matter but trail experience does.  We made changes to last year’s route so its even better  ND no one has to ride any “AA” sections.   75 miles each day.  No one has this much of this kind of real trail riding here or anywhere near here. Lodging info and directions are emailed only after you sign up.




MORE DETAILS about lodging, locations, routes, etc are sent to you AFTER you sign-up for a ride.

Everything on this page is subject to change at any time


   Email:    ACT Rides, 711 South Carson St, Suite 4, Carson City,  NV 89701