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NO required meetings, no work parties or politics in this club because we just ride.†


We average 30 to 40 riders per ride. Perfect size to be manageable and cause no resource damage or offensive cluster clumps of bikes. Riders can spread out, yet get to know new people, find new riding partners and enjoy great camaraderie. With all the USFS route reductions and restrictions, widespread OHV closures and riding areas destroyed by fires, knowing where to go and how to get the best time out of your riding day is more valuable now than ever before. We have scouted out and eliminated the dead ends, private property, closed routes, road blocks and† clear down trees for every ride. We make gas, food stops, lodging, and all logistics work for the most fun and efficient riding day. If you want a fun time, good challenges, the best balance of roads, trails, and incredible scenery, and no work, this is it. We have the meat.


Very good and well-known expert riders love our rides but no one has to be fast or famous to have fun. We have bypass options at hard places so almost any average rider with average trail experience can enjoy our rides. If you want lots of trails and† less roads than typical ďdual sportĒ rides, youíll get a full dayís ride of what you like. We ride through many interesting, out of the way, unusual places most riders seldom see. We have the best routes from south of Redding to Miami Creek trails and Mendocino Forest to Nevada. Most of this is less than 4 hours from the Bay Area.† Our unique ACT roll charts, maps and GPS track is the best way to enjoy a ride at your own pace, and know where to go and where you are almost everywhere. Itís the most foolproof way to avoid getting lost, and nullifies the need for the archaic, cumbersome, stop-wait-go follow-the-leader fiasco that is especially bad when dusty. These arenít typical cookie cutter roll charts, so our easy to read style and unique detail showing landmarks, trail and road numbers, etc make it a big part of the fun.

Hope you get in on the fun, Don - founder of ACT Rides, ride planner and riderís club rep


ROLL CHARTS, MAPS and GPS TRACK can be received† BY MAIL:

If you want to ride our rides but canít make our ride dates, you can order roll charts and GPS track for many of our rides. Then ride 1 or 2 days whenever it is convenient for you, and ride new areas you don't even know. The rides we offer have been pre-ridden recently.† Besides the roll chart, you get the detailed area map of the whole route, directions, lodging/parking info, and GPS track. Order on our Sign-Up Page.

†Please see our FAQ Page before signing up.† For more info, email us at:†


† Address: ACT Rides, 711 South Carson St, Suite 4, Carson City, NV 89701


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ACT RIDES are the best way to enjoy dual sport trailriding. We have averaged 15 different rides a year for 36 straight years. Over 500 two-day rides for thousands of riders.† So we know how to give trail riders what they want, especially for todayís state of the art dual sport bikes. No one knows all the riding areas in Northern California into Nevada like we do, or how to connect so many different trails and roads to give riders the best real dual sport rides there are.† Members get free rides.† Just sign-up and youíre in. There is no qualifying, no work or required meetings. For $130 you can get a Trial membership and try any 2-day ride free. A $380†† Premier membership will get you free rides all year. Ride as many as you can. This year thatís 16 full days of riding adventures and interaction with other riders for unlimited ever changing fun in the great outdoors. You can learn and keep our GPS tracks for these great routes and get others, which altogether took me a lifetime to develop.† And we are still improving and adding more.† These are not routes discovered and mapped out sitting on an office chair. Shortly before ride date we pre-ride every mile of every ride so you can confidently ride thru remote places, discover new horizons, history, and amazing scenery in places you might otherwise never see. These rides arenít for everyone, but If you want something different or better than the riding you and your friends are doing,† maybe this is the year to try one of our rides. Find out for yourself what you are missing and why so many people call these legendary rides.† Thank you, Don††

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†††††† Don Ivan†