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         THE BEST real dual sport rides anywhere
Join us in 2018 for our 35th straight year of legendary rides.

ACTRIDES is the best way to enjoy organized rides. Just pay for a membership and get free rides. Everyone is welcome. No qualifying, no required meetings or work, no politics. Since 1983 I have run an average of 15 different 2-day rides per year for riders like you. That's 35 straight years and over 500 two-day rides for thousands of riders.   Point is, we know where and how to make the best rides for what today's high-tech dual sport trail bike are designed for. If you have heard about my rides and still ride, but have never done an ACT ride, now is the time to find out what you have been missing. Don't let hearsay or self-doubt keep you away. If you are tired of the same old short races, follow-the-leader trails, or generic GPS road rides,  try at least one of the 6 rides on our 2018 Ride Calendar.  Anyone can ride today's typical dual sport road ride or average trail outing, but where is the personal accomplishment and challenge? Mediocrity will be around forever, but my unique routes, access to the great places my rides will take you, and all of us all have a shelf-life.     Don Ivan 

Just go to our Sign-Up page, pick and pay for a membership and sign-up for whatever free what ride you want.  1 or 2 days. You'll be glad you did.  If you're not, at least you can say you did an Ivan ride and found out for yourself instead of missing out. .

We average 30 to 40 riders per ride. Perfect size to be manageable and cause no resource damage or offensive cluster clumps of bikes. Riders can spread out, yet get to know new people, find a new riding partner and enjoy great camaraderie. With all the USFS route reductions and widespread OHV closures, knowing where to go and how to get the best time out of your riding day is more valuable now than ever before. We have scouted out and eliminated the dead ends, private property, closed routes, road blocks and we pre-ride and clear down trees for every ride. We make gas, food stops, lodging, and all logistics work for the most fun and efficient riding day. If you want a fun time, good challenges, the best balance of roads, trails, and incredible scenery, and no work, this is it. We have the meat.

Very good and well-known expert riders love our rides but no one has to be fast or famosus to have fun. We have bypass options at hard places so almost any average rider with some trail experience can enjoy our rides. If you don't need bypasses because you want lots of trails and  less roads than typical "dual sport" rides, you'll get a full day's ride of what you like. We ride through many interesting, out of the way, unusual places most riders seldom see.  Most of this is 3 hours or less from the Bay Area. After averaging 15 different 2-day rides a year, always creating new rides and new ways, we have the best routes from south of Redding to Miami Creek trails, and from Mendocino Forest to Nevada. So can you if you ride with us.  We connect areas in better ways than any other group or club, or few, if any, other riders can do. Our special ACT roll charts and maps are the best way to enjoy a ride at your own pace and know where to go, wherever you are. The unique detail and style makes it easier to follow than any other navigation method, and is a big part of the fun. We nullify the need for the archaic, cumbersome, stop-wait-go follow-the-leader, fiasco that is especially bad when dusty. We also include the GPS track for each ride when available. 

ROLL CHARTS, MAPS and GPS TRACK can be received  BY MAIL:
If you can't make our ride dates and want to ride  something more than Hollister or Carnegie, you can order roll charts for many of our rides. Then ride 1 or 2 days whenever it is convenient for you, and ride new areas you don't even know You won't be waylaid by dead ends, down trees, maps that don't work, or run out of gas or time if you can ride and follow our roll charts. You'll  know what the ride offers before you start. Besides the roll chart, you get the detailed area map of the whole route, directions, lodging/parking info, and GPS track, when available. Riding a $5K to 10K bike justifies spending $50 on a route the bike was meant for, and who else has better routes?
To select roll charts you want mailed to you, go to our Sign-Up Page. Being an ACT member now or in the past is required..

Please see the FAQ Page before signing up. To get on our email list or get more info, please email us at:
NO required meetings, no work parties or politics in this club because we just ride. 


Address: ACT Rides, 711 South Carson St, Suite 4, Carson City, NV 89701